Foster kids forced to take laxatives every Sunday to be “cleansed”

I watched this movie around 7-8 years ago. It is not in english and I don’t remember what language it is in.

There are few distinct scenes that I remember:

1) It was a house with a lot of children, I am sure they were all foster kids. Every Sunday, they were forced to take laxatives because the parents believed it cleansed them from evil. The kids would line up to go to the bathroom and the parents would check that each child did their business.

2) One kid skipped his laxatives and went through some underground tunnel to meet one of his sisters that lived among bugs and dirt. He exchanged some food item, I think cake? I am not sure, for some of her poop that she kept in bejweled box of some sort. He used this poop to trick his parents that he actually took the laxatives.


3) This is when I am no sure if I am fusing two different movies together, or if it is still the same one. There is a scene that is shot in a bathroom with a very, very high ceiling. The ceiling has windows, and two boys are looking down at the scene below. It is a very young girl around 14 and old man in the bathtub together. They are sitting opposite to each other and the girl is biting of the old man’s toe nails.


4) The entire movie the protagonist, the young boy is writing all of this down…keeping a journal but he throws every page out after writing it. He is unaware that one of his neighbors is taking them out of the garbage and is collecting all of his writings.


I have been trying to figure out this for years!! It would be a relief to finally know what this movie is.

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