Movie taking place in South America

From what I remember, the movie had John Rhys-Davies playing the role of a priest.

Scenes I remember from it:

A South American girl with American parents visits a kind man wearing glasses with a magic flute that when played can bring a statue to life or change a mask’s appearance. Quite the artist too. One of his men scares the girl as some kind of silly joke with a mask. Eventually, the girl learns how to play a flute well.

Kind man is arrested under false pretenses that he “kidnapped” the girl.

A bad guy in white pretends to be a good guy beating up his minion who tried to feed something to the girl not meant for kids as pointed out by her mom in the marketplace. The minion also has the girl’s father take the blame for the destruction of the Jesus Christ statue during a mass ceremony.

Priest accuses girl of being a liar when she said she saw him last night doing something she thinks is bad when in fact, he was burying a statue as he had later shown to the parents.

Girl and two men go on a quest to find a magical golden disc which the bad guys tries to dispose of constantly until it kills and sucks him up wholly.

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