Building demolition documentary turned into comedy short

I saw this colour short on TV in the late ’70s or early ’80s but I don’t remember if it was part of a longer show like an anthology or perhaps one of the guest shorts they used to have on SNL. It’s probably American judging from the setting and language.

The original film is a static shot looking up a busy city street that documented the explosive demolition of a multi-story office or apartment building several blocks away.

Someone took this film and dubbed his voice over it, pretending to be the director of a dramatic movie. As pedestrians wander in and out of frame, the “director” yells stage directions to them to make it seem like their movements are part of a script. At one point he yells at someone that they’ve missed their cue; some guy hurriedly crosses the street while looking at the camera, only to be told, “that’s it, you’re fired pal … you’ll never work in this town again.”

The final punchline is when the “director” decides he doesn’t like the composition of the shot and yells at the crew to get rid of a particular building in the background, at which point said building collapses in a cloud of dust.

It was very creative and I’d love to see it again, if anyone can name it or point me to the video itself (my google-fu found wanting).

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  1. I (and others) definitely remember seeing this on SNL. For some reason, I have long associated Albert Brooks with making it – and being the voice of the “director” – but I don’t know how reliable that association is. Nor have I been able to find any info about it online.

    It seems likely there is a SNL wiki where you could post a query.

  2. I’m thinking of two different shorts, both of which were done by Andy Aaron. I will put one in the comments because I think you’re not supposed to put more than one link in a comment.

    The first–and probably most likely what you’re looking for– is a short called “Street Scene,” which has a director yelling at people about whatever they’re doing, and then a building explodes.

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