Movie or TV show aired on Sci-Fi Channel, gritty space film?

I’m pretty sure I saw this movie in the late nineties or early 2000’s on the Sci-Fi Channel in the US. I barely remember anything about this gritty movie, other than it featured this crew on a spaceship. It was in English, but I think it had actors or characters that spoke in accents.

There was a scene that I remember where one of the female crew members was repeatedly taking a drug by injection that made her hallucinate. I can’t remember if it made her hallucinate cats or her dead child or children maybe, I don’t recall exactly. I think a male crewmember busts into the room and discovers her drug use and scolds her for it.

I’m pretty sure the movie or episode of TV show I was watching ended with the ship arriving at some planet, and there were cheesy nineties-style special effects of flames and destroyed buildings everywhere.

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  1. “Ghosts of Mars”? It had Jason Statham, who I think is british and Natasha Henstridge taking a drug and hallucinating.

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