cant find this movie anywhere!

hi, I am new in here. and I really really want to know name of this movie that i have seen long time ago and i cant remember name of it,
but the thing that i do remember (witch i hope helps) are these:

this movie was french language

because i have seen it long time ago i think it was before 2000s

it was some kind of a Psychodrama movie
the storyline that i do remember is this:
the first role was a boy(i think he was university student) who had a room with lots of freinds and parties,suddenly he becomes desprate.he becames lonely and helpless
he becames a serial killer withc every night he dressup like a girl and he/she kills people.and every day when he turns to boy he doesnt remember anything from last night.(somthing like edward norton/brad pitt in fight club) and the last scense that i remember was this:when he finds out he is a serial killer he throws himself out of the window of his room.

thats it.

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