Movie Name Please (Horror Movie)

I saw that movie about 6 years ago.. i think that movies is from 2000-2010 it was a horror-suspense movie.

English language

It was a movie

Color Movie

It was about some friends who were in an apartment… and one of those friends (A girl) had a book with creepy drawings of monsters or creatures…. those monsters were outside the house but they were invisible…. You were only able to see them with light… in 1 part of the movie the entered into the house and they are all hiding…. At the end a girl because she’s the remaining one alive…. decides to go outside the house and the movie finishes with a scene of the girl outside the house dead….. With a lot of cuts…… she’s at the front garden all dead and with a lot of cuts…

I’m not sure if they were speaking with British Accent….

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