Anyone know what it is I remember?

When I was a kid, say around about 4-5 (1990’s) I would sometimes wake up in the middle of the night and switch on the TV which would more often that not lead me to a scary movie and scare the shit out of me.  Most of the movies I stumbled accross as a kid I came across again as I grew up which would trigger those memories.  Except this one movie,  but I only remember one scene from it and for some reason it has stayed with me all these years but I can’t for the life of me work out what it was and even then, I might be remembering it wrong, what with being so young.  So, what I remember is a scene where children are at the top of the stairs, the camera is from the childrens perspective looking down to (the living room?) their dad who is telling them to get to their room.  He seemed anxious like he knew something bad was about to go down.  Then a woman comes to the front door, I seemed to think she was a witch (don’t know if she was) she overpowers the dad (maybe kills him) and then she turns her attention to the children who are still at top of the stairs but they run after they see what she did to their dad.  They run to their bedroom and escape through the window, shimmying down the drainpipe before sprinting along some alleyway.

Another thing, I don’t know how relevant this is because it might have just been my young mind making sense of something in the only way it could. I used to get looked after by my mates mum in the mornings around about the same time as I seen this movie and on a part of her living room carpet there was a burn mark caused by an iron which reminded me of the movie because I thought it looked like the footprint of a witch.

Anyone know what movie it was I seen?

Thanks 🙂


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