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I watched this movie in 2007 or early 2008 on Disk that contained american pie series and this movie, that i am looking for. Movie is not very old and its in color with clear graphics. The movie is american college sex comedy, there is some special crown after wearing that people get extremely horny and there is one scene i remember very clearly the professor after wearing that crown had sex with the cleaner. There is scene where cat wears it and she also gets horny. There is also one scene where one of the friends gets into the body of a female and as soon as he realized it he start sucking her own boobs. Please find this movie or please tell me the name of this movie. I do not remember any of the actors name featured in this movie. The movie also had a scene were girls are taking sunbath at the back of house and there was a dialogue “booobies in my backyard”.





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