How could you do this to me!?

The only thing I can remember is that there is a girl who is crying her eyes out.

She is betrayed somehow by who I presume is a guy. And she ask him while she’s crying; “HOW COULD YOU DO THIS TO ME!?”

Thats the only thing I remember, and it’s a heart wrenching scene thats stuck to my brain and  can I just vaguely remember the details. I can’t remember if it is a movie or a series…

Help me, I’m going crazy!

Jim Roar

3 thoughts on “How could you do this to me!?

  1. The other thing I vaguely remember from the scene is that the guy had her convinced her to do something.
    Something dangerous that she wasn’t aware of the extend of it. When she went through it and came back to the guy, she felt so threatened and so scared by the situation. Crying her eyes out. trying to punch the guy and screaming; “How could you do this to me!?
    How could you put me through this!?” while he tries to restrain her and comfort her. The guy says something like; “I had to do it like this, I couldn’t tell you, it had to be realistic.”
    So, I guess the plot of the scene is, A guy convinces the girl, a naive girl to do something dangerous. What it was I can’t remember, maybe something with some shady gangster types.
    She comes back from the situation so scared and feels so betrayed by the guy and cries out, “How could you do this to me?”

    1. Not quite, its not the scene or series. I remember it to be much more dramatic than that.
      But thanks anyways😊

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