Movie I remember from early 2000s

Really would like to see this movie again. Its either from 1990s or early 2000s. What I can remember is it about a guy who sees alternate versions of his life. When he was young a neighbors girl(his friend) and him where lured to a basement by girls dad, where he made them take off the clothes and filmed them.

In one instance he wakes up to find himself in a wheelchair, his mother and him go to the doctor and he gets his IQ tested, I believe the direct dialogue was: – doctor what does that mean? – his mother. he interrupts her before the doctor can answer – That im a f***** genius.


In other instance he wakes up and goes back to his hometown where this girl is working as a waiter, and they have a big fight since she blames him for leaving her.


In last instance I believe he wakes up in a “party” house, him and this girl are together and bunch of other people are present. What I remember from this scene is his question: – “Do you remember when your dad bought a camera” she looks at him confused and responds: “Yes, he returned it to the store the next day”


In the end scene, he is back at a birthday party where he met this girl. His mother is encouraging him to meet her, but instead this time he hits her hand or slaps her face or pushes her away (can’t really remember)

Not the best clues i know


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