Weird movie I saw on TV as a kid.

A surreal movie in color most likely from the late sixties or early seventies, but no later than 1976.

The movie was full of absurd, grotesque or shocking imagery, but I only remember one thing:

A smooth oblong polished rock lands on a guys head and embeds itself there, with brains and blood slowly dropping down from the wound with the big rock as the guy just stands there. He had a military uniform, I think, and was maybe 30 years old.

That’s all I remember specifically, but there was other weirdness which I’ve forgotten. I think it was about a family in some way. I saw this movie while I was in the hospital with the flu in the winter of 1977 (I survived). Probably not the best thing to watch as a feverish 12 year old.

It was broadcast on a non-network station out of Philadelphia or New York. It was in color. It was pretty shocking stuff to see on TV, but I guess the movie couldn’t have been too extreme, since it was broadcast in the middle of the afternoon in the middle of the seventies.

The movie has been hunting me ever since.

Any clue?

6 thoughts on “Weird movie I saw on TV as a kid.

  1. It sounds like maybe the second story in this anthology film called “William Wilson” in which Alain Delon plays a military cadet. The film is very surreal and filled with bizarre imagery.

  2. “Spirits of the Dead” and “William Wilson” seem to be the same movie.

    Looks like the full movie is on youtube at

    Good guess, but I scanned it and it didn’t look familiar. The movie I remember was set in modern times, and was much more absurd. Also, I didn’t see anything like that one scene with the rock in the guy’s head.

    Good guess though.

    I was able to view the trailer for Girly. I don’t think so, but Wow, that looks pretty good if you like weird movies.

    My movie was absurd and impossible, not just bizarre and extreme human behavior. Like a guy standing there with a rock in his head and brains oozing around the rock, but he’s just standing there.

  3. Yeah, I knew they were the same movie, I was just pointing you toward the exact section of this movie, but I hope you find it and I’m still trying to find also, cheers!

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