Hero is on a quest to win his love, and genies

I saw this movie as a child in the mid to late 60’s on TV on a weekend afternoon.  It may not have been American.  If it was subtitled it would have aired on PBS.  The way I remember it it seems similar to the Aladdin story.

The hero wants to win his love and goes on a quest.  He gets a genie but loses the genie to someone else.  The genie is ordered to trap the hero in a cave or distant land.  Our hero has a crystal ball, or rock, he can use to watch his love as she’s about to be married off to someone else.  He gets so angry and frustrated that he smashes the crystal ball.  That unleashes a black storm that the hero falls through. Unknowingly he’s released a second genie from the crystal ball.

There’s also a scene with the hero riding on the genie’s shoulder while holding onto the genie’s ponytail as the genie is flying.

That’s all I can remember.  It’s not the Russian fairytale collective’s version of Aladdin.  Thanks for your help.

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    1. Yes! I finally found the movie on Hulu.com and used their offer of 2 week test trial to watch it. Thank you. While watching there were so many scenes I didn’t remember until I saw them again and then the memories cam flooding back. I don’t know why I thought there were two genies, but, I was little back then. It turns out that I had taken two movies and mushed them together. I remembered scenes from “The Thief of Bagdad” and “Captain Sindbad” as being one movie.

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