Movie containing a scene with a bee nest inside an owl figurine.

I thought that this movie starred Julianne Moore but from weeding through her filmography list, I seem to be mistaken.

I know I’ve watched this movie a few times in the last 6-8 years, on instant Netflix. It seems it could be a 90’s film, but potentially a little later than that.

Scenes I recall: A scene where the main character, a lady, has an owl figurine/statue (I really think it was an owl!) and perhaps it was even a recent gift. Bees end up attacking her from it and there’s a nest inside. I feel like there’s speculation that it’s unlikely the bees would choose this place themselves, as though someone put them there.

I feel as though throughout at least the start of the movie the lady feels as though she’s being watched and odd occurrences keep happening.

She’s an artist/writer. There’s a drawing she’s been working on for a while in her studio, she finally finishes it and is really happy with it. Later she finds that stuff has been spilled all over it, ruined. The cat is in the room, the window is open? I think so on that last bit.

Here come the spoilers: She has been trying to recall a memory from her past? Or it’s been a secret she’s kept. When she was quite younger she got pregnant and had a baby that she gave up for adoption (she has a husband and kids in the movie.) She has no idea what’s happened to this girl. She reveals this to someone in a scene, on the beach/outside?

A woman that has shown up in her life turns out to be her daughter who has come back for revenge, for her years of suffering foster care and the like. She’s bat shit crazy. She wants to replace her mother in her life, get the life she feels she had taken from her? I’m afraid of mixing movies at this point!

Oh and I feel the owl plays significance! In her memory recalling when she had the sex that made the baby, there was an owl that was hooting.

I think that’s all I’ve got… It’s driving me insane trying to recall more or Google it with the bits I do have in mind. Help?!



10 thoughts on “Movie containing a scene with a bee nest inside an owl figurine.

  1. Sounds like an interesting movie! I did a google search, and came up with the movie Irresistible with Susan Sarandon. It doesn’t describe the owls, but she is an artist, there’s mention of wasps, and of her being stalked.

  2. You sure it aint Julianne Moore in THE FORGOTTEN (2004)? She had a kid that ppl told her never existed.

    1. Nope, but that’s a great movie as well. I had Julianne Moore on the brain when I was trying to remember this other movie (Irresistible with Susan Sarandon) so I think that’s why I got it mixed up, they are both redheads!

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