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Okay, so this is a movie that must have come out in between 2014-2017 — I definitely saw it in early 2017. Essentially, it’s about this African-American man who has just gotten out of prison and moved back in with his mom, and the stigma behind ex-convicts has given him a hard time reintegrating into his community. He comes to befriend a young autistic man, who is sort of the only person he becomes friends with post-prison. He also collects broken refrigerators to potentially fix them, but just ends up leaving them in his backyard (???) which his mother always complains about. It is definitely an independent movie (I think anyways) because it is quite out of the ordinary; there is some extremely specific and weird concepts that are going on, there’s also a huge transitional aspect to the film in that there are literal visual transitions displayed in different “phases”. Most of which involve some sort of conflict with another character, and the main character’s transcending from that part of his life. The movie ends with a scene set at night at a public pool, where the main character is there and the guy with autism, as well as the large machine which seemingly saves people or keeps them alive (???) – some phenomenal ability.

I’ve definitely forgotten some key things about the plot of this film, but I can also picture the man character. He is an African-American man, probably in his 40s, with large glasses, short hair, and a generally average stature — but he’s not like a stereo-typical convict with a bunch of tattoos, he has a generally normal demeanor. That’s about all I remember because I have a pretty bad memory… but I remember really liking it and thinking it was very cool/meaningful!


Please help me! šŸ™‚

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