Scifi Movie/TV show with a Kid, and old man, and a Red Robot

Okay, This is something I watched as a kid and it is super vague, and I have asked lots of people over the years with no results.

I remember watching on TV sometime in the 90s a show/movie where there was a kid traveling through time and/or dimensions with an old or older man.  They are trying to stop a guy in a red robot/mech suit or spaceship with a glass dome on the front.  I remember being able to see who ever was piloting it through the screen.

The whole time you think that the old man is the good guy, but then it turns out he’s the bad guy and the other guy is really good and trying to stop the old man.  Something happens and the old man ends up with the robot suit or whatever it was.

There may have been a large room with a clock on the floor, but this could be my memory muddling it with something else.

I know it’s not a lot to go on, but that’s really all I remember, and it’s been bugging me for years.

Thanks for any help!

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