Movie about a girl who has a friend with a controlling psychotic father.

Looking for a movie with a girl who tries to save her best friend, from the girls father.

I don’t remember a lot about this particular movie, I do remember some key points there is a scene where the girl climbs out her window because she doesn’t want to face her mother who I guess people would say is trailer trash, she is overweight drinks smokes, watches TV all day.

The basic premise is that a girl thinks her friends father is bad because he is very controlling, to the point of abusing her if she doesn’t obey every command he gives her.

I remember a part where the girl goes off to find her friend because she either gets a video message from her friend and she fears the girls dad hurt her. She goes to their house and a game of cat and mouse ensues, this is about the ending I belive the girl is hiding on a school bus hiding from her friends murderous father and she records a short video message on her cell phone after finding her friends clothing, I think it was bloody, and then she dies or something because if I remember correctly it goes black, and she screams. I think that was the end or almost the end.

If I recall the mother at the end goes in and smells her daughters clothes thinking she has run away and cries about it.

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