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Movie about a girl who has a friend with a controlling psychotic father.

Looking for a movie with a girl who tries to save her best friend, from the girls father.

I don’t remember a lot about this particular movie, I do remember some key points there is a scene where the girl climbs out her window because she doesn’t want to face her mother who I guess people would say is trailer trash, she is overweight drinks smokes, watches TV all day.

The basic premise is that a girl thinks her friends father is bad because he is very controlling, to the point of abusing her if she doesn’t obey every command he gives her.

I remember a part where the girl goes off to find her friend because she either gets a video message from her friend and she fears the girls dad hurt her. She goes to their house and a game of cat and mouse ensues, this is about the ending I belive the girl is hiding on a school bus hiding from her friends murderous father and she records a short video message on her cell phone after finding her friends clothing, I think it was bloody, and then she dies or something because if I remember correctly it goes black, and she screams. I think that was the end or almost the end.

If I recall the mother at the end goes in and smells her daughters clothes thinking she has run away and cries about it.

Looking for a movie about a family who get stranded in a desert, may be a Stephen King movie.

I am looking for a movie, I don’t remember exactly if it is a movie by Stephen King or another author.


Basically a family is going on a trip, or they’re just taking a ride I don’t recall why, what I do remember is that they break down and the father and son goes looking for help, the son gets bit by a rattle snake but luckily it bites his wallet instead, I believe it was a blue velcro wallet I am not certain though.


At one point I believe the family gets stuck in a hole of sorts and they find a video camera about a woman who was stuck in the same hole, then later on once they get out and get their minivan going I think it was, they stop somewhere I think a fast food joint and they see the woman from the camcorder taking the order. I believe they say, that was the woman from the tape she got out too.

Scifi Type Movie, with tyraniccal president/dictator.

I once saw a movie long ago, it had what I believe were dune buggies in it, if I recall it has a girl and her brother who are on the run or something and they meet up with another guy and he helps take out some guards at an outpost of sorts.


I honestly don’t remember much, but I think I remember the ending, I believe it was them running through a concrete tunnel that had booby traps among other things like flame throwers, well anyways a giant of a man helps the 3 get through there but has to stay back and make sure that the evil dictator president guy doesn’t make it, so they both burn up.


Anyways that’s about all I remember, heck it could have been a dream for all I know, I have some crazy dreams sometimes. If anyone knows that it is an actual movie and knows what one it please reply I’ve been thinking about this movie for years, if it is one.

Looking for movie about a girl and Satan in a diner during a robbery.

I am looking for a movie I once saw years ago, it has a girl in it, who is immortal and she gets a chance at getting rid of it if she can get someone to willingly take it from her, the devil or Satan or whoever is sitting in the restaurant/diner with her and he gives her a time limit. Later on the place gets robbed and a cop or two is killed and all the patrons end up becoming hostages.


I know at the end an African American guy agrees to take it from her and he gets shot but at the very end he’s seen walking away. I remember the girl telling about her being in a plane crash and being the sole survivor.