Home Run Scene

So I probably watched it between 2006 to 2010, could’ve came out before then. The main scene I remember is where they’re playing baseball and the main character is on the third strike and it slows down and he grips the bat then hits it to a home run. I feel like the character was a kid, might not be.  Could be a movie or TV show I’m not sure. I probably would’ve watched it on kids channel. It might not necessarily been a baseball movie either.

4 thoughts on “Home Run Scene

  1. If it is a kid playing:
    Angles in the Outfield (1994)?
    Rookie of the Year (1993)”
    Bad News Bears (1976 and 2005)?

    If its not a kid The Natural (1984) ?

    1. Not sure it’s any of them unfortunately I just remember him tightening his grip on the bat in slow motion and hitting it for a home run.

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