Movie about a couple on a holiday and their child gets kidnapped

I remember watching this movie where a couple is on a holiday and they go to a park or something …


There is a huge mob watching football match and the child who was with the husband walks away and the couple thinks he’s kidnapped and a search starts .


Later we find out the child actually died due to an accident while stilling away from the parent and the death gets covered up


I think it was a foreign movie..

8 thoughts on “Movie about a couple on a holiday and their child gets kidnapped

  1. Pretty sure that’s season one of The Missing…

    “Tony Hughes, his wife Emily and their five-year-old son Oliver, are traveling from the United Kingdom to northern France for a holiday. It is the summer of 2006, during the FIFA World Cup. Soon after entering France, their car breaks down. They are forced to spend the night in the fictional small town of Châlons du Bois. That evening, Tony and Oliver visit a crowded outdoor bar, where a quarter-finals football match is being watched. Tony loses sight of his son, who goes missing.”

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