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Old movie and I remember watching it when I was a kid.

Old movie and if I remember right it was on a channel called TNT back in late 90s and was about 10 yrs old

The movie was about a guy who kept track of all the happy moments in his life by using a pocket watch.

He’d start the timer on the watch when he was happy and stop it after.. If that’s what was actually happening .. It might have been a foreign movie .. Not sure


I know the details are sparse but I’ve posted this on multiple places and no one found what the movie was.. I’ll keep my expectations low 🙂

Movie about a couple on a holiday and their child gets kidnapped

I remember watching this movie where a couple is on a holiday and they go to a park or something …


There is a huge mob watching football match and the child who was with the husband walks away and the couple thinks he’s kidnapped and a search starts .


Later we find out the child actually died due to an accident while stilling away from the parent and the death gets covered up


I think it was a foreign movie..