Looking for a mini-series (I think?)

I’m trying to remember a mini-series I watched in the 90’s (I think)

I’m pretty sure it was a UK mini-series (it had an actor in it that I know but can’t remember his name)

I think it started with a plane crash of some kind? The main male character  survived the crash but was burned on his back or shoulder and may have lost his memory? I think he was picked up by a lady in a van?

That’s about all I can remember, unfortunately. Sorry I couldn’t give more to go on, but I really hope someone might remember it so I can watch it again?

3 thoughts on “Looking for a mini-series (I think?)

    1. Just because I’ve asked for help it never means I stop looking, and OMG it drove me nuts *facepalm* I literally waded through about 2,000 mini-series entries on IMDB and didn’t find it (well duh, because it was in German *LOLs*)

      I only figured it out purely by accident, I’ve been watching Inspector Lynley the last few weeks and it just suddenly twigged last night that maybe he was why I remembered the mini-series 😮

      So I went through Nathanial Parker’s entire IMDB listing and just sort of stumbled upon it by accident O_O

      I’m SO happy I found it tho, just need to find a copy to watch again now 😀

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