Monster in Air Duct Vent

When I was about 6 or 7, (so around 1996/1997) I watched the beginning of a horror movie with my father and he turned it off right as it started to get interesting because he said it was too scary for me, even though we regularly watched horror films together. After he died in 2000 I have been unable to find the movie and it has always bothered me that I haven’t gotten to see it. I only saw a few minutes of the beginning of the film so this is what little I can remember. The opening scene of the movie was a spanish woman holding her child looking up at the air conditioning vent in horror because they knew there was a monster of some sort in there trying to kill them. The woman was grasping the child close to her and saying a prayer of some sort in spanish as the vent opened quickly and a long fingered monster hand came out and grabbed the child pulling it into the vent. This is when my father turned off the tv, so I am left with nothing else to find the film. Having some closure on this would really be amazing. I truly hope someone can help me.

7 thoughts on “Monster in Air Duct Vent

  1. Did you ever figure this out? I know exactly the scene you’re talking about, saw it on TV probably 20 years ago, but my friend changed the channel right after the scene and to this day I’ve wondered what movie it was.

  2. The Willies? It’s the one with the short horror stories and one of them is when a monster is in the school bathroom in the vent. A kid is getting picked on so he locks the bullies in the bathroom and the monster kills them…it’s very 80s but I also remember it as a classic when I was a kid.

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