50’s murder trial movie with “rotten daughter”

I think what I’m rememering a 1950s movie about a murder trial, where the accused is the spoiled rotten daughter of a woman who was played by, or resembled, Shirley Winters.  The daughter took the mother for everything she had during the trial, and at the end defiantly put on a wig to prove she was the woman who had been identified by a witness as the murderer.  If anyone can make sense of this, I’d love to know.

5 thoughts on “50’s murder trial movie with “rotten daughter”

    1. Thank you SO much! This movie has been on my mind on and off for years, and after I posted the question I immediately forgot what site I posted it it on, so it has taken me some time to make my way back here. Now I’m on a mission from God to figure out how to see the movie again and get it off my head once and for all! 🙂

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