Late 90s Teen Movie

Okay, I know; dime a dozen. And theres not a ton of differentiation. I watched it probably in 2001-2004 maybe? In color and in English, and it was definitely on VHS.

The opening credits were scanning a bunch of makeup pallets and lipsticks and stuff. Now, I’m sort of trying to fill in the blanks here so forgive me, but I believe the main character is an “Average Joe” of sorts and is in love with the popular girl.

They somehow end up spending time together. Theres a scene that I vaguely remember where I believe she jokingly invites him to shower with her and she goes ahead and he quietly sneaks into the bathroom and opens op the curtain but when she notices she screams at him to get out and she wasn’t serious. She forgives him and they sort of carry on with the evening.

Then she becomes oddly obsessed with him (or obsessed with him rejecting her in the end). I’m not sure what happens here but she ends up (I think drunkenly) sitting in a lawn chair in his front yard screaming at him to go to prom with her.

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