mind fuck

I remember this movie where a man meets a woman and he slowly seduces her. For example a scene i remember is in a boathouse where he makes her melt mentally by massaging her entire body with an icecube getting her crazy. Later on in the movie he makes her crawl on her knees to pick up money. His intention is to get her into prostitution. So he is manipulating/ mindfucking her the whole time. Oh and in the begining he gave her a scarf.

I saw this movie like 10 years ago. It was with color. Thats all i got, hope someone knows the movie

2 thoughts on “mind fuck

    1. This is not the movie i had in mind.
      It looked very similar though, I see why you mentioned this one. But thanks for the suggestion man ;)! In the end of the movie i remember the girl was in a club collecting money the way she had been trained

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