middle ages comedy

another one i saw on tv around 2008-2010. it was about middle ages with lots of blood but it had this early 00’s comedy vibe and i’m starting to think that the main characters (a group of five i think male friends) were from current time but somehow went back in time to the middle ages because they had no idea what should they do how to use things etc. or maybe it was just a comedy in a medieval setting. the only scene i can recall – they dressed themselves up as monks to hide from the city guard but the guards caught them and were taking them somewhere with their arms and legs tied with a rope when one of the friends started mocking one of the guards with kind of ‘yo mamma’ jokes and the guard threw his bardiche at him and cut his head off. for some reason i’m pretty sure that it’s a comedy movie and it doesn’t contain big fighting/war scenes – just a story of these friends as they try to reach the certain destination (maybe they were looking for something or something was going to happen here) and trick everyone they meet in their way. but maybe i’m mixing up two movies and a medieval one and a friends journey one are different things – if so i would very appreciate if someone lets me know!

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