2000s movie about a space virus

hello everyone! first of all please don’t mind my mistakes english is not my native language.

looking for an american(?) science fiction movie i saw on tv some time around 2008-2010. it’s about a spaceship that either caught a distress call from another ship or already was on a mission of saving somebody/something. and when they take this somebody/something on board it turns out that this thing is spreading a virus which causes plague-like wounds and makes people agressive zombies, then they die. also their ship breaks down somehow and they can’t move or use their escape pods. and the entire movie shows the crew trying to deal with the virus while stuck in the ship – they are isolating sick people, disinfecting everything, trying to find a cure etc but that’s not helping anything. in the end the only person who stays alive + uninfected is a black girl. she activates the ship’s self-destroy system to unlock the escape pods, locks zombies on the lower level and takes an elevator to get to the higher level to the pods and at the elevator she finds wounded another crew member – young blonde curly guy – who she believed was killed in a fight with zombies earlier. she i think is a medic and tries to save him, but he refuses bc he knows his wounds are not from fighting zombies but from the virus, and when they arrive girl steps out of the elevator and the guy takes it back to the lower level which already started to explode. girl looks at him and hesitates to get into the pod. we don’t know if she got out of there alive.

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    1. the description looks very similiar but i believe it’s not it. in my movie infected people don’t turn into monsters, they just look like very sick people. and it definitely is not a horror – for the most part my movie shows how the crew members are trying to fix the ship, communicate with earth (or whatever planet or another ship), prevent being infected, not much action there until the final part. thank you for answering anyways!

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