Man performs sins in spite


I remember this movie from around 1999 – 2010, I cant remember when exacly I saw it on TV because my parents where  the ones watching it but I just glanced at the screen from time to time. I was doing homework and didnt have time to fully engange the movie watching. Anyway heres what I remember.
It’s in color. It’s defenetly a movie. It should be in english(im from Latvia and all the movies were translated). I didnt see the start of the movie but it seemed it’s about a man who decides to perform all the deadly sins in spite of God because something terrible/unfair has happened to him somewhere in past part of movie.
I remeber ending -he tried to commit suicide as in last of his sins by jumping from a building that seemed like lighthouse or perhaps a building over cliff into water (ocean i  suppose) but God gave him his life and he was found inside a whale (im pretty sure it was killerwhale/orca) alive  – and i remember him just seconds after getting out of a whale walking on his own over this beach where the whale was teared up – just walking with this sensation in his face…I hope that will be enough info to solve this mystery thats stuck in my head. Sorry if the description is messy.


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