Horror/scary movie with boy and honeycomb caves

I saw this movie in the early 1990’s, no later than 1998.

If I remember correctly, the little boy lived in a house on a farm or someplace with land, not in a city. He was crawling under a table or cabinet.

The only scene I vividly remember is that  young boy walking through a dark Canyon. The walls were close on either side and made up of honeycomb like caves. I can’t remember if it was aliens or monsters that reside in those caves but I remember he was incredibly scared of them snatching him up.

2 thoughts on “Horror/scary movie with boy and honeycomb caves

  1. Just a shot in the dark, but could this be the remake of “Invaders from Mars”? The boy heads into the caves at about 37:00 in.

    1. No, unfortunately not. The scene I remember had the boy walking through a much taller cave like cavern (possibly so tall the boy couldn’t see the ceiling of it). And the scene had a blue hue to it. Very dark and menacing.

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