Comedy movie involving romance and murder

Old live-action movie in color.

An apparently unhappy married man and a single woman go to Italy after hearing the news of the man’s father, Will’s death and the woman’s mother, Kate’s death, both Will and Kate having had an affair.

In one scene, the man and woman swim naked to a rock (man loses his underwear in the process); not knowing a guy named Bruno took pictures of them naked. When men in boat see and come after the naked woman, the naked man merely covers her titties with his socks. Bruno blackmails the guy unless he is taken to America after returning his lost underwear. The maid with a “moustache” overhears Bruno and kills him with a gun off-screen.

The man has an argument with his wife on the phone; thinking he’s having an affair. The woman intervenes and explains to the wife that there’s no cause for jealousy and she calls herself fat.

The inspector in charge of the investigations is called Carlucci.

In Italy, when it’s lunchtime, they eat and don’t work.

The man and woman have their parents buried together under the family name, Carlucci in honor of the inspector.

Bruno’s body is taken in the man’s father’s place back to America after the man bids the woman a fond farewell.

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    1. Solved!

      I can’t believe Jack Lemmon was the man and Hayley Mills’ eldest sister, Juliet was the woman. Lol.

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