Looking for a zombie movie?

i remember watching this on DVD, post-2000, it was in colour, I think it was set in L.A.

i think it was set in a hospital, or mental ward, maybe? There was a guy who was a cook, or orderly, or cleaner, or something?

there was some sort of zombie outbreak (it may or may not have started in the hospital)

someone, the dude I think, was sneaking out of the hospital for some reason?

pretty sure he had a girlfriend, she might have been a nurse or one of the patients, and they had to lock themselves somewhere until they could escape?

it looked pretty cheap and nasty (possibly asylum-ish quality)

i would love to see it again, does anyone know the movie I’m trying to remember?

4 thoughts on “Looking for a zombie movie?

    1. Sorry, my notifications aren’t working *d’oh*

      But thank you so much! I’ve been trying to remember this movie for a while 😀

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