Old movie title could contain words like Hill ,temple,king,mountain. But not sure

I am looking for a very old movie name I saw 3 years ago.

I remember 2 graphic scene from the movie as below.

1. 2 goons holding both hand of  a guy name barbeski (could be spelled wrongly but it sounded like this). And a there was another guy holding a hand of her girlfriend or wife and he starts kissing her and ask barbeaki if ‘she is a good lay’ and guy holding the girl said i will find out right now and goons again start beating barbeski and eventually kill him and guy holding her girlfriend hand forcefully have sex with her. Setting beach like place or a jungle.

2. The guy who had sex with the girl forcefully now came to the girl house as a imposter and said forget about barbeski you are beauty and kiss her again and undress her and have sex with her again. And he balckmail the girl to make a deal with her father or something.

Movie could be from Italy,English,spain but I watched it in English. Remembered the name of the movie too but forgot.

Sorry for the bad English I am not a native.

Please help me.


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