Looking for a recent sci-fi movie?

I’m trying to find a movie I watched on YouTube in the last year or so. It had no beginning and no end, but it was a recent movie.

I think it was a UK film, it was colour, in English, and looked fairly low budget.

The only character was a man in uniform, I think he was a pilot, or astronaut?

There was a big round eye-shaped spaceship or space station seen distantly in the sky, I think he crashed from there? But this wasn’t his world, he followed some sort of dog shaped robot to a bunker and found old newspapers saying something about a war and it seemed like most people were dead?

I think there were flying robots shooting at him? The last thing O saw was him sitting on the ground thinking about shooting himself and the robot dog thing came back…that’s where it ended?

If anyone can help me find this, I would be really grateful. I want to know how it ended. Thank you.

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