Fantasy/Sci-fi movie from early 2000’s

This is what I remember:

Everyone at birth has the amount of years they will live on their wrist.  The years can be given to others.  Some man gives another man a whole bunch of years, 1,000, I think.  The man who gave the years then jumps off a bridge.  The man who received the years gambles them in one scene.

2 thoughts on “Fantasy/Sci-fi movie from early 2000’s

  1. Agreed. If you’re looking for another vaguely similar movie, have a look at Logan’s Run. A story of a man who hunts down people who go on the run when they turn 30 rather than participate in a public event I won’t go into for spoiler reasons.

    It’s a pretty trippy movie with only a passing resemblance to In Time, but it struck me as very likely the seed of the later film – much more of a fantasy, nowhere near as grim but another interesting take on the “kill ’em when they’re young/poor” idea.

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