Looking for a horror movie

im trying to find a pre-2000 horror movie I watched once.

the only scene I remember is a woman being cooked to death because she couldn’t get the glass shower door open

there might have been an evil baby in it? (I could be wrong on this tho)

there might have been some sort of electricity manipulation in it?

i really want to find it again please

8 thoughts on “Looking for a horror movie

    1. Unfortunately, no. It was a stand-alone movie, not part of a series.
      I suspect it might have been anywhere from the seventies through the nineties (not terribly helpful, sorry)

    1. OMG this is it!!!!! \o/

      Thank you SO much, I didn’t thinkI was ever going to find it again 😮

      I just watched the trailer and the shower scene is in it, where the mother is trapped.

      Solved 😀

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