A 1980s movie

Ok, so this rich, single mother of a teenage girl, has a new man in her life, who the daughter doesn’t like or trust.  She thinks he is trying to kill her mother for her money, and keep foiling the ” mishaps” , getting in trouble by her mom and the police.  Determined to catch him, she enlists a teen boy, who she ends up losing her virginity to later, catch the step dad having sex with his lover.  Fast forward, and I think the mother and girl are captured, and the stepdad has been double crossed by his lover, who had a boy friend, when the girl shows the lovers boyfriend a polaroid of the stepdad and the lover ENJOYING their encounter, all he’ll breaks loose.  I’m dying to get a hold of the name of this movie so I can buy it.  We rented it at family video in Springfield Illinois in the late 80s.

2 thoughts on “A 1980s movie

  1. You’re in luck, too. It was recently reissued on Blu-ray by Scream Factory. Still holds up as one of the most WTF relics of its era. What did they expect when they hired the director of Death Wish to helm an after-school special?

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