Long Haired White Guy Flying Naked In A Bubble Possibly Stoned

So it was around 1997 to 1999, maybe even early 2000 I don’t know. I was at my aunt’s house and I came into the TV room where I think my older cousins were watching some goofy movie, possibly comedy, and there’s a scene where this long haired white kid (if my memory is correct) smokes something then next thing you know he’s naked in a bubble (possibly pink bubble) floating overhead. Years and years later I see an image of this exact scene somewhere and remembered seeing it when I was a kid, but then forgot all about it. It popped back up in my head and I need to know what movie this is.

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"I'm very discreet. I have no code of ethics. I will kill anyone, anywhere. Children, animals, old people, doesn't matter. I just love killing." -Krombopulos Michael (Rick and Morty)

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