Lone celebrity narrates about his love life

It’s a movie in English that I’ve seen in the last 6 years but that probably does not reflect the release date of the movie. I think the male actor looked like Ethan Hawke.

The Scene:

A single celebrity outside at night near a setting like a cafe or a bar talks about how girls love him for him his fame, the idea of being with a celebrity and not the real him through his inner voice.

The actor does not portray his self, the character is famous in the movie.

2 thoughts on “Lone celebrity narrates about his love life

  1. It was a short cut as I recall. Not a long scene.
    These parts are I’m not sure of but they might give a hint to the scene:
    It was reflecting the guy feeling a bit guilty for taking advantage of being famous, but those relationships were meaningless to him. He was wondering if he could get a girl if he wasn’t famous.

    Thanks in advance

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