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I only really remember the ending. I saw it in the 90’s but it could have been made in the 80’s. The hair and clothes makes me think it was made in the 80’s. It was in English and color. I was young (probably wasn’t supposed to be watching it in the first place tbh) and didn’t know any of the actors.

It was a horror movie. There was a wedding in the movie and monsters attacked.

The bride’s groom and friends, who must have been part of the wedding party, are dying left and right. One guy followed a pretty woman into a room and she asked him if he wanted to stay with her. He agreed and she turned into a giant spider and either ate him or turned him into a giant spider like her. How anyone else managed to get killed I forget because I hate spiders so much I think I was traumatized by the spider thing.

The bride was captured by the monster’s leader because he wanted her for his bride. She was trapped in what looked like a dungeon in her big white wedding gown and veil. The monster’s leader looked like a skeletal old man zombie in a old suit that looks more like an undertaker’s formal suit rather than a tux. (Think what the main bad guy in Indiana Jone’s and the Last Crusade after he drinks the wrong chalice turns into before his eyes disappear).

She decided she was going to fight back instead of wait to be rescued any longer. The monster came into the dungeon and she acted like she was agreeing to marry him and stay. His guard dropped (I think she let him kiss her) and she stabbed him with I think a dinner knife she had kept behind her back. She ran out and escaped, finding she wasn’t at a house but had been in a cemetery the whole time. I think it was the cemetery of the church she was getting married at.

As she was running from the crypt she had been imprisoned in during the movie other monsters, more like zombies, rose from the nearby graves to catch her. As she was running and tripping monsters would reach for her and grab her wedding dress so at one point she is running through the cemetery in what is honestly more like wedding lingerie rather than a torn gown until she gets to the edge of the cemetery and sees a car driving past. She races to the road and flags down the car and this guy lets her in the car.

She is huddled in the passenger seat, catching her breath instead of crying because she was tough, while the man is driving the car. He doesn’t look away from the road as he says to her, “You know I really did want to marry you.” The bride slowly looks at him in horror and opens her mouth to scream because the monster is driving the car.

Anyone remember or know what movie or show this was? Pretty sure it was a movie just because there was a whole wedding party that managed to get killed off in one sitting.

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  1. I believe it’s “The Spookies” (1986), which I watched again recently because I was considering reviewing it for my bad movie site. The incidents you describe happen in different parts of the movie. The spider lady thing, for example is unconnected to the scenes at the end where the bride attempts to escape, but it seems like “The Spookies” would have to be it.

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