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Hello everyone! I have been rattling my brain for the past few days trying to figure out this movie, but I can’t seem to get it. I watched it one time back in 2015, but I believe it was possibly a 2012-2014 production. The movie I’m thinking of is either a Lifetime or an LMN movie. I was watching it on demand, so I am not truly sure. I remember it in bits and pieces. The movie is about a women who works at like some type of architect or planning event job. She meets this man formally whom she had met before going to her job. I think he pays for her coffee or something. All of this happens at the beginning of the movie. When she goes to her job, he is there and they eventually end up getting locked in some type of room together due to an earthquake or something like they. He eventually takes her to meet his mom. The mom is an older red head/ginger. She ends up telling the girl along the line that she has cancer, but woman noticed she wasn’t losing hair yet. One day, the same woman goes into the bathroom to find pieces of red hair in the trash can, which she realizes is the mom’s. The woman finds out that the son’s fiancé had died. Somewhere in the mists of the movie, the woman ends up near the pool. In the pool shed, she finds pool cleaner or some type of chemical in relevance to it, she eventually finds out that is how the fiancé dies. At the end of the movie, the mother tries to kill the woman. That’s all I honestly remember if someone could help me find this movie that would be amazing! Thank you!

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  1. Deadly Revenge (2013)

    Charming LA architect Harrison, also a great cook and lover, gets engaged to Cate, a San Francisco landscape architect he meets while collaborating on a major project, after they get locked in by a malfunctioning elevator…

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