Movie where a couple gets tied to a cactus

I’ve seen this movie twice on TV. I’m gonna take a guess and say this was around 1997-1999.

It revolves around a guy and a girl who meet and get to know each other. I’d say they probably were like 20-25 years of age. At one point in the movie they find themselves getting tied by the bad guys to a large cactus in a dessert. They sit on the ground on opposite sides with a rope around them. To save the situation the guy gets up on his feet while getting pierced by the cactus. This allows the girl to get away when the rope loosens, falling to his feet. He passes out in a standing position, and the girl leaves thinking he’s dead. I think the audience is also lead to believe he’s dead until later when they meet again and she finds out he somehow survived.

Somewhere in the movie there’s a sex scene between them and she is topless, breasts exposed. In this scene he has an icecube in his hand which he runs from around her bellybutton all the way up to her mouth which he puts it in.

The movie is in English.

That’s all i remember i think. I’ve tried googling for it but I’ve been unsuccessful.

I hope someone knows the name of the movie, I’d really appreciate that.


Thanks in advance!

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