Italian WW2 film [2000-2012] with supernatural elements

Hello! I used to own this DVD ages ago when I was young, along side it I had “Public Enemies” (2009), so I’m sure the two are of similar age.

The film was set in Italy (but not sure if it was actually made by Italians), one thing I know for sure is it wasn’t english and I had to watch it with subtitles. The key element of this movie which i would have though should make it very easy to find, is that it had elements of the un-natural,  in it – not quite zombies, not quite ghosts – but something that ravaged the platoon/squad of men when they were staying at some sort of ground-level bunker – they tried to fight back but all or most of them died – At the start of the movie, they were walking through some town in Italy (and i’m not sure if they were axis or allies, but the townspeople didn’t  take too kindly to them?) this is a really distant memory for me, and out of all the films from my childhood, this is the only one I cannot find now.

If it helps, I think the film was probably rated terribly by anyone that ever watched it.

If anyone has any ideas, I would much appreciate it.


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