Girl looks for her uncle’s will

I remember seeing this movie when I was around seven/eight years old so circa 2010. It was on Italian tv and Im not sure if it was an American or an Italian movie, just that I really loved it to the point I’ve seen it many times. It was set in like the 1800s and was about a girl whose rich uncle was declared lost at sea and she had to search for his will in his huuuge house. She had to find it fast cause she wasn’t the only one looking for it, since there were two other people who claimed to be related to the uncle. The little girl had the help of two friends, a boy and a girl. Eventually they found a secret room in the house where the uncle used to hide Native Americans to save them from genocide and it contained the will too. At the very end I remember finding out that the uncle wasn’t actually dead and I think he like adopted the girl cause she was an orphan and named her his heir idk something like that. I appreciate any hints!!

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