In which movie is a car pushed on a railway track by an SUV?

Around 2005 I saw a movie on TV in which the bad guy pushed the good guy on a railway track with the train approaching. The good guy tries to brake and shift to reverse, but the bad guy’s SUV is too powerful. The good guy dies.

Later in the movie, the bad guy tries the trick again, but now the good guy (another one) first tries to brake but then suddenly puts the gear in forward as he speeds over the railway track with the bad guy behind him. The train slams into the bad guy’s car.

The scenes happen in the dark, and that’s about what I remember. I’m almost sure it was english spoken, and almost sure it was a movie and no TV-show. I think it was filmed in color (seem to remember a red flashing light at the railway crossing).

I looked on the web and there’s an episode of CSI (s2e7 Caged) where something like this happens but no, that’s not what I’m looking for after reading the plot. I seem to remember it was a movie and the pushing happens twice.

I moreover remember that this happened in the movie Training Day, but I watched that one last night and the pushings didn’t happen. Memory seems to be failing… Still, these scenes might have been cut because in 2005 I watched some kind of deluxe DVD-edition with lots of extras and yesterday I saw a plain version.

Any suggestions?

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