A list with movies i am looking for

I am searching for many movie which i know only one scene.

  1. Two boys friends are buried in sand up to neck and when a rattlesnake tries to bite one of them, the boy bites the snake and save his life.
  2. A couple have a discussion about the boy who swam into a restaurant’s toilet water to find the girl keys.
  3. I do not know if is a movie or a series: somewhere, a man found a light which transforms anyhing into gold.
  4. A man (I am not sure if he is a cop) enters in the building between ventilation pipes and hits the criminal in the head with a bottle or other object.
  5. Daughter of a czech gangster is kidnapped and taken to USA.


5 thoughts on “A list with movies i am looking for

  1. #2 sounds like this scene from Trainspotting (1996) where Ewan McGregor’s character crawls headfirst into a filthy toilet to retrieve his suppositories.

    1. No, it is not this.
      The movie i am looking for is with a couple formed by a guy and a girl. The guy has jumped into a cesspool, cesspit or sewer of a restaurant to find some keys.

  2. Hi

    What sort of time frame would think these movies were made?
    There is an old b&w 1941 series called the Adventures of Captain Marvel about a golden scorpian that can turn items into gold.

    1. I remember the light is inside a cave or something like that.
      And the men who transform things into gold come with a ship.
      I am not sure, but a member of the crew said to the captain: “there is more gold than our ship can transports”.

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