I need help

Alright so I saw this movie sometime in the early 2000s it was in English and it was on tv but I know it was a movie. It was about a woman who at a young age lost her mother and almost died at the funeral but a ghost saved her and from that day on the ghost protected her, then one day once she was an adult she was at a party in an abandoned house I believe and she died at first her spirit is helping her avoid the demons hiding in the darkness after her soul, it was soon reviled that her guardian spirit is actually a demon as well and her mothers spirit is trying to help from what is presumably heaven and the woman has to get to I believe the kitchen and escape through some kind of ventilation shaft or something.

Admittedly I was rather young when I saw this and could be mixing up or changing some details unknowingly so if you know a movie that sounds even remotely similar please let me know.

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