Mid 90s Horror? Film

Please help me out with this. I remember the ending to a movie from when I was really young and it stuck with me.  Psychologically damaging to the mind of a young kid and I need closure!

The ending scene I remember has to do with some sort of alien or extraterrestrial group that invades a family’s home. At the end of the movie for some reason I believe the aliens cooked some sort of stew or other meal which ended up containing the kid’s parents. The only other thing I remember is in the house upstairs and that same scene there’s a lot of green goo from when maybe the parents were prepped for feeding the kids.

Oddly enough,  while I was terrified I got the feeling that the underlying tone for the movie was intended to be more comical than scary.

By my calculations my guess is that it was released in the 90s. Wish I could narrow it down more.

Need help on this one!!! Thank you all!!

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