I can’t remember the title of a strange horror/sci-fi movie I watched as a little girl

It was recorded in color by my grandparents sometime in the early nineties. I remember the feel and music being characteristic of 70s or 80s movies.

I believe the opening scene showed a couple fooling around in a car and then being killed by a man with a hat, suitcase and light beams coming out of his eyes and mouth. The next thing I remember is the opening sequence with synth music and  random freeze-framed scenes of monsters/aliens that I don’t think were actually in the movie. I recall one particular creature on top of a (naked?) woman, seemingly raping or eating her.

Most of the movie itself is a big blur to me but I do remember a scene with a cheerleader singing to the same “alien” man in front of some sort of furnace and ending up in it. Possibly more beams before.

The last thing I remember is the end of the movie. Same man with a hat and a suitcase walking towards the camera.

It would mean a lot to me if someone else in the world saw this and knew the title so I could watch it again. Thanks a bunch in advance!

6 thoughts on “I can’t remember the title of a strange horror/sci-fi movie I watched as a little girl

  1. Try Not Of This Earth (1988) and write back if we’re right!

    This movie has the two scenes of the couple having sex in the car being killed by the alien, and the girls in cheerleading uniforms dancing for an alien, and the furnace. I’d need to see it again to make sure the details match your description exactly, but it sure sounds like this movie.



    1. Pamela, you are so my favorite person right now!!!

      I consider myself a movie buff with above average Internet searching skills and I never did find it no matter the keywords I used. A flood of memories came back immediately upon Googling the title and seeing the pictures. I cannot describe the joy I just felt watching this little clip: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4IWTRlF8e1Q.

      It’s the musical sequence I was talking about. I don’t remember any of these kick-ass gory scenes/monsters in the actual movie (I can recall wondering why even as a child because it seemed like a lot of effort and care was put into them) but they are just awesome as I remember them. Could they possibly be from another project, I thought?

      The rest of the flick kind of pales in comparison. The synth melody engraved in my mind begins at around 36 seconds. I can’t thank you enough. I haven’t been this kind of teary-eyed since I stumbled upon those late night Teletoon IDs from 1997 or had a friend restore my old Daisy Buck pellet carbine. You’ve made this woman-child infinitely happy. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

      1. To anyone who might be interested, a quick look on IMDb revealed that these cool scenes are from at least seven other movies:

        Battle Beyond the Stars (1980)
        Forbidden World (1982)
        Galaxy of Terror (1981)
        Hollywood Boulevard (1976)
        Humanoids from the Deep (1980)
        Nebo zovyot (1960)
        Piranha (1978)

        I thought I’d recognized maybe two of those. I have homework to do in the sci-fi department, lol.

        Many thanks again to irememberthismovie.com and particularly Pamela De Graff for her prompt response. It made my day.

  2. I’m so glad that was helpful to you. I understand what it’s like to need to find a movie you’ve seen, but can’t fully remember. I have a long list of them. I think part of the compulsion is to organize our memories, but it’s also fun to see these scenes again that made such an impression on us. It can be as important as family shaphots are to remembering what you were thinking and experiencing in life at the time, sort of a key to your earlier self.

    Thanks very much for writing back. The movies you list in your second comment sound like they’d be fun to peruse as well, for the scenes you mention. Thanks for naming them.

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