Horror movie about family car crash possibly involving a swan.

My memories of this film are very vague, so I’m sorry for this. However I remember a family driving along on a very stormy night. The rain is lashing down on the windscreen giving very poor visibility. Suddenly out of the gloom looms a person in a yellow coat and hat (think sou’wester). The car runs off the road.

One of the people from the car (possibly driver, but I can’t really remember) wakes up in hospital. He is horrified to discover he has had a limb amputated (can’t remember whether leg or arm, but I *think* it was the arm). They sedate him when he becomes distressed. From here on he wakes several times, each time he has had further surgery or amputations, and each time he needs to be sedated.

Can’t really remember anything more apart from being very disturbed when I was a kid.

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  1. Hi,

    Two for the price of one here. You have conflated scenes from two sources! The first with the family in the car is one of the better episodes of ‘Hammer House of Horror’, ‘Two Faces of Evil’ from 1980. Setting off on their holidays, a family drive through a storm and see a shadowy figure by the side of the road and almost knock him down. It causes a crash in which the father is badly injured and his wife comes to believe that this man is not her husband…

    I think the amputation scenes come from ‘Scream and Scream Again’, a 1970 conspiracy-thriller/sci-fi film. This marked the first time Peter Cushing, Vincent Price and Christopher Lee appeared in the same film. The three do not share any scenes together however. Cushing does not appear with either Lee or Price – only appearing in a cameo. Lee and Price share a brief scene towards the film’s climax. I remember being quite affected by the amputation scenes too!

    No idea where the swan comes into it though but hope this helps!

  2. When I read the words ‘crash’, amputee’ and ‘swan’, I thought of A Zed and Two Noughts (1985) but I don’t think anything else fits.

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