Horror Movie, 3 kids in the woods

So I’m not 100% sure if this is a movie or a show but basically it starts with 3 collage (?) students that take a shortcut through the woods. I believe it’s two girls and one boy. One girl, wears a lot of black, gets cut by this tree branch and her scar gets infected. The three of them find what seems to be a cabin and in the cabin there’s a notebook. The writing in the book is really messy and it’s from someone who watches people in the woods, and how they now look like a monster. The girl who got cut tells her two friends to go cause her cut is getting worse or something, might be because she thinks she’s the monster??? In the end the girl turns into the monster and she’s seen watching the same three friends coming into the woods, and she leaves three claw marks on the tree that like cut her.

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